Saturday Dream

So I walked into a store. This store was a little weird. We (Dad, Mikey and I) walked into the store. One side was completely covered with shelves and the other was covered with cash registers. The only was to get to the rest of the store was to go all the way down to the end of the store and turn the only corner. We do this, and there is actually quite a bit of store. So dad said we can get like 2 small things, so I start looking around. The first thing that gets my attention is the hoodies. I go over and look at them and I see a few lined ones. They look really warm, but as I approach them, I realize that they are WAY to small for me and they look pretty girly anyways. So I move on, and I see some more, but of course, non of them would fit me. Then I went onto an isle that had coins. So I see one with an umbrella on it and one with fish jumping out of the water. Like the 50 state coins with these things on them. So I grab those and a few other coins because I’m thinking about getting something that relates to them. I seem to need an umbrella so I’m thinking about keeping the coin to remind me. I’m still looking and the lights in the department I’m in go out. I can hear the voices of dad and Mikey calling me: “That department is closing, and they are getting ready to close.” So I slowly but carefully make my way over to them. I have a handful of coins in my hand, so I pick 2 of them, and put the rest in my pocket. They all have key chains on them. Then I wake up as we are checking out. I also had one about pulling out of a parking lot but there was not a whole lot to it. I also had another short one about speeding off in a Ford Mustang.

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