Monday Dream

So while I was sleeping upstairs on the couch, I had a weird dream while the show "city’s of the underworld" was on. So I’m not really sure where I am (somewhere underground) and my school is talking about building underground. There are houses built around the school, so they only have a limited amount of space and decide to build underground. So they build underground and all the sudden I'm in a class. Oh yeah this is a Calculus 2 course somehow. So my old teacher Mr. N (who in reality teaches Biology) is giving out towels to signify that you are in the class. He then starts talk about the class as they are handing them out. So he throws one at me and the person sitting next to me. Of course it lands half way on both of us, and we both start fighting over it. Then Mr. N came over and eventually ends up giving it to me. I’m very happy because I was the last person to get into the class and I really needed it. Then I woke up right at the end of city’s of the underworld. All this because I was tired and wanted to take a nap. lol

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